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Hydrolyzed lignin

Lignin is a class of complex organic polymers that form important structural materials in the support tissues of higher plants.

Hydrolyzed lignin is a lignin, extracted from timber as the result of hydrolyzation in industrial wood processing.

Laboratory testing results

For investors and partners

We offer you participation in creation of joint venture for hydrolyzed lignin processing and making commercial lignin-based products. 

We invite investment companies, which have their own research centers for the further complex study in hydrolyzed lignin products and their standardization. 

We provide about 5 mln tons of raw materials for production, and the production volume can be increased

The main direction for use

  • Environmentally friendly and safe sorbents 
  • Coal production, also activated carbon production
  • Making of organic and humic fertilizers 
  • Plastic materials fillers and composite materials
  • Concrete and cement admixtures 
  • Production of pellets and fuel briquettes


 Visual materials

 Samples extraction in Kansk, Siberia

 KDS working process

 Sorption process


 We offer charcoal of our own production, made of hardwood from Far East, Russia. 

Main raw material: Mongolian oak (Quercus mongolica)

General description:

Charcoal of highest quality, class «A»

Finished product testing results 

Our charcoal is a high quality natural product, made for common usage at restaurant, barbeque. 

Production and media

Main raw material: hardwood  

Package: carton box with the polymeric liner inside 

Pre-packing: 4 kg per box 

First production line of the highest efficiency, up to 100 tons per month 

 production process



Consulting services in Foreign Economic Activities and custom clearance processing

  • International traffic arrangements 
  • Searching for business associates in South-East Asia 
  • Product research in South-East Asia countries 
  • Commercial transaction support 
  • Outsourcing 
  • Foreign trade management 
  • Consulting services in Foreign Economic Activities and custom clearance 
  • Certification and further documentation on non-tariff regulation in trade

About group of companies

Our specialist have been representing our company at the service market of Foreign Economic Activities since 1995.

Group of companies was founded in 2006.





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